Who we are

CANTUF is comprised of an integrated group of three well established companies with many years experience in the lumber industry.  Possessing Forest Lands, a Sawmill and Re-manufacturing operations, CANTUF covers all spectrums from harvesting to producing finished products.

Why Hemlock?

Pacific Hemlock grows heavily on the West Coast of North America, from Alaska through British Columbia and Oregon to Northern California.  Also know as Western Hemlock, it is the largest species of Hemlock, growing 250 feet (75 metres) in height with a trunk up to 10 feet (3 metres) in diameter.  As a result, Pacific Hemlock yields beautiful lumber in size and length, desirable for a variety of uses.  Approximately 60% of British Columbia’s coastal forests are comprised of Hemlock.  Measured on standard timber basis, this equates to an estimated 2 billion cubic metres of Hemlock.  Due to its prized value in natural interior applications, Pacific Hemlock is carefully sustained and managed in Canada.  According to the IUCN scale of endangered species, Pacific Hemlock is rated as one of the lowest species at risk and is actually increasing in volume.  CANTUF has carefully and strategically chosen Pacific Hemlock as our primary wood species in our new Thermally Modified wood product lines.

What is Thermal Modification?

Thermal Modification is a process that uses high levels of heat in an oxygen free atmosphere to improve the durability and stability of wood. Through this naturally green and chemical-free process, the structure of the wood’s cell walls is altered, removing organic compounds so they won’t absorb water, expand, contract or provide nourishment for fungi or insects. After going through this modification, a species like Pacific Hemlock transforms and becomes ideal for outdoor applications.

Characteristics/Properties of Thermally Modified Hemlock

  • 100% Natural – No Toxic Chemicals
  • Durable
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Decay Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Modified Throughout
  • Improved Longevity
  • Perfect for Extreme Weather
  • Better Thermal Insulation
  • Colour Uniformity (Naturally Greys)
  • Decreased Equilibrium Moisture

CANTUF’s Product Line

  • CANTUF can run common or custom profiles (T&G and/or Dressed Boards)
  • We can also offer semi-finished blanks intended for further processing

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